Daily Nutritional Guide

General Daily Nutritional Guide for Healthy Adults
(MyPlate recommendations based on a daily 2000-calorie diet)

Grains – 6.2 oz eq
Whole Grains3.8 oz eq
Refined Grains2.4 oz eq
Vegetables2.6 cups
Vegetable Subgroups (amount per week)

  • Dark Green1.6 cups
  • Red/Orange5.6 cups
  • Starchy5.1 cups
  • Beans and Peas1.6 cups
  • Other Vegetables4.1 cups

Fruits2.1 cups
Dairy3.1 cups
Protein Foods5.7 oz eq
Oils29 grams
Calories from added fats and sugars245 calories

Moderate Caffeine Intake – 300-400mg per day (no more than 30 oz of coffee)
Moderate Sodium Intake 1500-2300mg per day (no more than 1 teaspoon)
Moderate Sugar Intake:

  • Men: 37.5 grams per day (no more than 150 calories or 9 teaspoons)
  • Women: 25 grams per day (no more than 100 calories or 6 teaspoons)

 *Note: oz eq = Ounce equivalents



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