Six Listening Mistakes

In a day and age where we spend more and more time interacting with others through superficial means like the phone and internet, you may feel like you are starting to lose your in-person people skills. Being able to interact successfully in-person with others is critical to building relationships. One of the key components to successful in-person interactions is […]

Goal Setting 101

We all have hopes and dreams, but only a few of us actually define those dreams and set concrete goals to achieve them. Many people shy away from goal setting either because they’re afraid of failure, think setting goals is silly, or just don’t want to invest in the time required. It’s possible to achieve […]

Starbucks Food Cheat Sheet

And we continue with the food menu at Starbucks. If you haven’t already, please check out my Starbucks Drink Cheat Sheet, the first part of this coffee break guide. This time we are focusing on their food. I think you’ll be surprised by some of these numbers…   Here is my Starbucks Food Cheat Sheet featuring some of their […]

Starbucks Drink Cheat Sheet

Starbucks. You may not be a fan or you may dream about it before falling asleep at night. Either way, you’ve heard of it. I personally love it. Not because I think its prices are reasonable (they aren’t!) or its coffee is the best I’ve ever had (it isn’t!). I love it for one of the […]

Brain Power: Enhancing Children’s Learning through Physical Activity

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body – but did you know that it’s important for your mental and cognitive health, too? Extensive research demonstrates that regular physical activity has multiple benefits for physical, mental, and cognitive health. Physical activity is related to lower body fat, greater muscular strength, stronger bones, and improvements […]

“Stand tall”: It’s not just about good posture

“Don’t slouch.”  “Stand up tall.”  We’ve all heard these nagging words, but there may be more to good posture than simply musculoskeletal health. Before we get in to it, let’s play a quick game.  Wherever you are, slouch.  Um, what? Yes, that’s right, slouch.  Round your shoulders, cave your chest, drop your head.  How do you […]

Your Ticket to Weight Loss

Weight Loss is Hard Weight loss is a hot topic because almost everyone has thought about or tried to lose weight at some point in his or her life. Whether you’ve tried and succeeded or tried and failed, you understand the difficulties of weight loss and weight maintenance. You’ve been there. You also know that […]

Mirror Talk

Mirrors are everywhere. Some people can’t get enough of them while others try everything they can to avoid them. Regardless, it’s important to accept that mirrors are there and that they are a huge part of your daily self-talk. You may not even realize you have an internal dialogue with yourself about yourself every time […]

Five Minutes to Beautiful

10 Steps. Five Minutes. I believe every woman should spend at least five minutes getting ready every day. Many women are too busy and often do not make this a priority in their daily lives due to a multitude of reasons. Maybe you’re a busy mom and you do not think you have time. Maybe […]