Exercise of the Week: Sumo Squats

One of my favorite exercises is Sumo Squats. It targets the same muscles as a regular squat except it puts a little extra emphasis on your inner thighs. It also requires no equipment and can be performed anywhere. What’s not to love?   Equipment: None necessary   How To: Start standing straight and tall with your feet wider than […]

Exercise of the Week: Swimmers

Just like Supermans, Swimmers is an easy exercise for your back that requires no equipment. It combats the negative effects of constant sitting like low back pain, spinal deterioration, and other postural problems. How To: Lie face down on your mat in a prone position with your stomach resting on the ground. Lift your arms and feet […]

Exercise of the Week: Supermans

One of the most neglected parts of your body is your back. Incorporating back exercises into your exercise routine is very important, especially if you, like many, spend much of your day sitting. Sitting weakens and stretches out your low back while causing your hip flexors to tighten. Too much of this without any counter-work can cause low […]

Exercise of the Week: Side Plank

Like the front plank, the side plank is a full-body strengthening exercise that requires no fitness equipment — it’s just you and your bodyweight. You can do a plank anytime, anywhere. It is an isometric exercise that requires steady breathing, focus, and determination. I recommend planks to all my clients and friends because they are one of […]

All About That Core

So you want a stronger core. Who doesn’t? But what does that mean to you? In my experience, the majority of people who are trying to strengthen their cores focus solely on exercises that target their rectus abdominis muscle, commonly called the abdominals or abs. Think sit-ups: Some people will also do exercises that focus on their obliques. Think Russian twists […]

Exercise of the Week: Squats

Welcome to 2015! Let’s get this year off to a great start by reviewing the simple yet powerful squat. Like the forward lunge, the squat is a very important exercise for improving your functional lower-body strength. It is a great functional exercise because it mimics a movement that is necessary in everyday life: sitting or “squatting” down and […]

Brain Power: Enhancing Children’s Learning through Physical Activity

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body – but did you know that it’s important for your mental and cognitive health, too? Extensive research demonstrates that regular physical activity has multiple benefits for physical, mental, and cognitive health. Physical activity is related to lower body fat, greater muscular strength, stronger bones, and improvements […]

Exercise of the Week: Forward Lunge

The forward lunge is a very important exercise for improving your functional lower-body strength. It is a great functional exercise because it mimics a movement that is necessary in everyday life, i.e., bending your knees and lowering yourself to the ground. By regularly incorporating the forward lunge into your exercise routine, you are training your […]

5 Excuses for Not Working Out—And How To Beat Them

You don’t need a reminder about the infinite benefits of daily exercise. And we all know you had every intention of working out yesterday, you really did! But you know what they say about good intentions: the road to watching reality TV on the couch is paved with ’em. (Trust me; I can see the […]

The Three C’s of Choosing a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Some are life-changing professionals and some are best avoided. So how do you know what to look for and who to choose? Here are my three C’s of choosing a personal trainer:   1. CREDENTIALS The first thing you should do […]