Background & Certifications

I have always been passionate about the psychology behind mental self-improvement, which is what I studied extensively in my academic career. At the same time, I grew up as a serious athlete, which made me equally interested in the tools, theory, and practical applications necessary for improving physical health. My experience and knowledge in these areas help me promote total wellness with my clients.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on October 14, 2017 while pregnant with my second baby. After enduring three months of excruciating pain, they FINALLY discovered that I had cancer that had metastasized to my spine and essentially crushed my vertebrae. Turns out when you are pregnant pretty much all medical professionals won’t touch you, even if you are in extreme amounts of pain.

After my legs stopped working, they finally gave me an MRI which they normally will not do if you are pregnant. 20 minutes later, I was being prepped for an emergency spinal fusion while six months pregnant looking for some sort of answer from my stunned husband who was holding my 20-month old son and my mother who was next to him. It’s all kind of a blur…

One month later I had a c-section (two months before my daughter was due) so I could start treatment as soon as possible. This included radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. Six months later, I am officially starting to feel like myself again. And I can walk, so that’s pretty awesome. Hopefully treatment continues to hold the cancer at bay and my spine heals so I don’t need any more surgeries. Fingers crossed!

Now, because of all of this, I will be tailoring some of my material to inspire cancer patients to feel their best and most confident, which can be very difficult when you look in the mirror and see a very different version of yourself looking back. However, just because life throws you the ultimate curve ball, doesn’t mean you have to stop being you and all the things you loved about yourself. I hope to help you see you as you should be seen and feel the way you deserve to feel.

Below is a summary of my credentials:

4-year starter/All-Conference/MVP, NCAA Women’s college basketball
BA Cognitive Science, Biology minor
MS Performance Psychology
CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
NSCA- CPT – Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA)
Health Coach (ACE)
CES – Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
WFS – Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM)
Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma (NPTI)
Certified Nutritional Consultant (NPTI)
ViPR Certified Trainer (ViPR)
AED & CPR Certified (American Red Cross)