Weeks 20, 21, & 22: Days 133-153 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

We are adding an extra week into the mix because of Christmas. Missing a few of my selfies in the image, but captured most of them from my Instagram page. Hope everyone had a great holiday! And I wish you a Happy New Year!

HAIR: 10 months post-chemo! Taking on a life of its own…it’s almost to that point that it’s too long to be a short haircut, but too short to be a bob. The next 3-4 inches are crucial. If you want an example of my upcoming hair goals, look up Elizabeth Debicki’s haircut when she was in The Night Manager (an excellent series if you haven’t seen it).

Nutrition: Daily smoothies each morning to increase my fruit and vegetable intake.
Exercise: Gym five days per week.
Mental: Laugh more.

Nutrition: Didn’t do daily smoothies, but did add smoothies into the mix about 2-3 times per week. I am trying out F-Factor’s 20/20 Protein/ Fiber powder. I will say it tastes pretty good. Definitely a great way to use up random fruits and vegetables around the house that are expiring. Mmmmm….
Exercise: Gym time has been going fairly well over the break. Much needed with all the holiday meals. I have also been able to start shooting around (basketball) again. I love it. Hopefully, maybe in the next year, I can slowly get back into coaching again too…you know….with all my free time…
Mental: Have been laughing more. Could always laugh even more. Can you laugh too much?

January’s goals are all about forming good habits. Who doesn’t like forming positive, new habits in the new year? I know I do. Ok, so how long does it take to build a habit? Well, opinions on the subject vary, but Maxwell Maltz is my go-to guy there. Based on some very logical and intelligent insights, he said it takes 21 days of consistency to build a habit. To be safe, I’m giving myself 28 days. And habits are easier to keep when it is something quantifiable and specific. So, here are my broad goals and the specific way I will accomplish them for the next four weeks:
Nutrition: Eliminate unnecessary calories and glutenous habits formed over the holidays – first create a list of easy ways to eliminate unnecessary calories, print, and put on my fridge to remind me when I am making/eating food. (I’ll post to Instagram too for those interested.) Then make at least one of the listed changes every day and write it down.
Exercise: Exercise consistently – do something active every day in some way for at least 30 minutes and write it down.
Mental: Make the world a more positive place – do something positive for someone else every day and write it down. It can be a friend or stranger, but I want to make someone else’s life a little better. Because we all know life can be pretty tough.

Note: my next post will be in four weeks because there is a ton going on in January. Don’t forget, you can see my daily updates on Instagram.

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