Weeks 18/19: Days 119-132 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

Last couple of weeks have been really busy but good overall. Though there are way too many Christmas cookies around for my liking. 😉

HAIR: 9.5 months post-chemo! Looks totally normal these days, just short.

Nutrition: Fruits & vegetables & water. All day, every day focus.
Exercise: I’m coming back with a vengeance and will be getting my workouts in more regularly, especially now that my little is down to one afternoon nap a day. That makes a big difference in my daily schedule flexibility.
Mental: Laugh more. Feel free to help with this. Send me a joke, a funny thought, or pictures whenever you think of it. 🙂

Nutrition:  Water, check. Fruits and vegetables, could do better. I am thinking I will start to do a smoothie each morning just to make sure that I have a good start to this goal. Especially through the cold and flu season.
Exercise: I have been doing awesome! I was able to to go the gym five days per week. And I have been able to start shooting around again (basketball), which makes me feel like me again.
Mental: Mmmmm….could laugh more. Will keep this goal. And no one sent any jokes my way. Feel free to if you’ve got a good one!

Nutrition: Daily smoothies each morning to increase my fruit and vegetable intake. And it’s easy, so I can’t use my “busy mom-life” as an excuse. Any favorite smoothie recipes? Please send my way!!!

Exercise: Keep it up! Gym 5 days per week and stay strong.
Mental: Keeping the goal of laughing more. Any funny movies I should watch?

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