Week 16: Days 105-111 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

HAIR: 8.5 months post-chemo! Hoping it starts to look more feminine soon.

Nutrition: Drink more water and eat more in the first half of the day instead of being hungry all day and then overeating at night.
Exercise: 5 days of exercise: 3 strength days with cardio and 2 physical therapy focused days with a long walk if it’s nice (or I’ll use our stationary bike).
Mental: Daily journaling to try to unburden my mind a bit. Doesn’t matter how much I write or what journal I use, I just want to do something every day.

Nutrition: I was able to focus on this, especially for breakfast, and make sure I was eating enough and keeping my own nourishment as a priority. It did not, however, keep me from eating too much at night. So need to fiddle with this a bit.
Exercise: Did not get back into the exercise swing successfully. With a sick kid, guests in town, and a husband in Europe, I put workouts lower on my priority sheet. But I will change this next week.
Mental: Did not journal. Well, that’s not true. I journaled and catalogued quite a bit for my little’s first birthday. So, nevermind. Accomplished!!!

Nutrition: I’m going to use LoseIt and catalog what I eat each day to see what my patterns emerge/help me make better decisions. I can do this because we celebrated Thanksgiving early so I am not doing this during a food-laden holiday. 
Exercise: I am going to workout every day Tuesday – Saturday.
Mental: I’m not going to watch anything negative or scary (I love psychological thrillers!!) for the whole week and see how that affects me.

Signature 7-18

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