Day 85 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

I get pretty tired (and super hungry day of and day after my treatment. Not sure why. So today I was a little too tired to workout. I did go for an evening stroll for 30 minutes which was really nice. And I had PT. And I had my toe follow-up appointment (took out stitches). AND I cleaned my house and did five loads of laundry. Oh, and I’m about to make a homemade dinner. So, you know, normal Tuesday over here.

HAIR: 7.5 months post-chemo! Grow grow grow!

Nutrition: Drink lots of water to flush out any toxins from yesterday.
Exercise: Cardio
Mental: Get a good night’s sleep.

Nutrition: Could always do a little better, but did pretty well with this.
Exercise: 30 minutes walk outside.
Mental: I will. Don’t worry.

Signature 7-18

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