Day 74-80 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

Day 74 of 365-DHW!! Loving my new hat!
Day 75 of 365-DHW!!
Day 76 of 365-DHW!! Revisiting the NICU for my one-year anniversary of my diagnosis.
Day 77 of 365-DHW!!
Day 78 of 365-DHW!!
Day 79 of 365-DHW!!
Day 80 of 365-DHW!! Gym day and loving my new sunnies!

Well, I am a week behind on my blog posts because we were up north with limited internet last week (I do make sure I do my Instagram post daily no matter what, so make sure you are keeping up with me there as well). And then as soon as we got back in town, I had my very special 1-year diagnosis anniversary. I am so grateful for all of the support I received. And that went right into a bunch of doctor appointments.

Therefore, I am behind and cannot remember my specific goals and cannot make detailed posts for the last seven days. So, the below text pertains to today, Day 80 of 365-DHW, but I am including the pictures for all of the missing days as well. Thank you for understanding.

HAIR: 7.5 months post-chemo! Looking like a purposeful short haircut.

Nutrition: Lots of fiber and good choices prior to dinner — we have an adult party we are attending for my little guy’s school and the food sounds delicious!
Exercise: Gym day! Full-body strength and then 35 minutes of steady state cardio.
Mental: Turn my negative thoughts around and get back on the train to positive town!

Nutrition: Did great here! Ok, well I did eat an Oreo, but otherwise, really good choices. And planning to make wise choices at the party tonight as well. Wish me luck!
Exercise: Great gym workout. My legs are definitely feeling it already. Did a traditional lift full-body workout including: push-ups, bent-over rows, single-leg drop squats, squat taps, cable presses, and cable rows. Then I did a nice steady state cardio session on the elliptical while watching a movie. It was fun.
Mental: I think I’m almost there. Thanks again for all the suggestions and positive thoughts yesterday (on Instagram) when I was feeling a little down.

Signature 7-18

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