Day 60 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

HELP!!!! Ok, so I am struggling. I have been doing really great with all my health and wellness decisions the WHOLE day while juggling everything that is on my plate — healthy decision here, healthy decision there. But at night (7-9pm), once my kids are in bed and I FINALLY get a break, a chance to really relax (you are never really relaxed when your kids are awake, am I right fellow parents?), I make consumption decisions that I regret the next day. They aren’t terrible decisions, but I would describe my nightly behavior as a mini-binge.

I’ll put it out there, I need to lose 10 pounds because, a). I would look and feel better about myself (Hello, Confidence!) and b). that extra weight is putting extra, unnecessary stress on my spinal fusion and my knees, so it needs to go. However, my nightly mini-binge is hurting my weight-loss goals. I absolutely know that if I just made better decisions at night, the weight would melt off easily and at a nice, natural pace.

So, I need your help!! I need ideas. The trick is, I need to make changes that still allow me to have that much-needed (and well-deserved if I do say so myself) relaxation time for those couple of hours every night. I need ideas that help me be more moderate, so that my relax time doesn’t tank all the hard work I’ve done the whole day. So, PLEASE message me your best ideas, your best tricks, maybe some recipes that still feel indulgent, but don’t break the calorie bank, and I will compile the best ideas and share them in a post next week. THANK YOU!!

HAIR: 7 months post-chemo! Looking like a purposeful short haircut.

Nutrition: Good decisions at night.
Exercise: Cardio and at least 10,000 steps.
Mental: Make time to work on my own, personal projects (of which I have too many).

Nutrition: Trying but definitely excited to compile and try all the great tips people have been submitting.
Exercise: Didn’t do a specific cardio workout but was really active and did get my steps. 👍🏻
Mental: Mmmm….no. Crud. Ok, I’m prioritizing this. It definitely makes me feel happier at the end of the day if I did my own stuff for part of the day.

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