Day 58 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

Happy 7 months to my last chemo injection! The only side effects (I know of) that I’m still experiencing are disastrous nails and the eyebrow/eyelash thinning every two months. Otherwise, I can’t tell it happened. So high five, everyone! Keep those positive thoughts coming my way. Thank you for all of your support.

HAIR: 7 months post-chemo! Looking like a purposeful short haircut. Next goal is to grow it long enough to have a sweeping bang in the front. Probably looking at Feb/Mar.

Nutrition: Heavy dose of fruits and veggies.
Exercise: Cardio day!
Mental: Bed by 9:30pm (I’ve been getting to sleep more like 10/10:15pm and I can really tell the difference the next day!).

Nutrition: Did great on this enjoying a delicious macro-balanced meal from my good friend Kenny for lunch, a Trader Joe’s green juice for snack, and then my DELICIOUS butternut squash soup that I made yesterday (recipe coming soon because a lot of people have been asking!).
Exercise: 2 mile walk in the park, check!
Mental: I’m posting this before bed, but I have a timer set for 9pm when I plan to go up.

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