Day 30 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

Belated because kids. Yesterday I was tired and kind of zapped emotionally. But it was pretty good. Here is the breakdown:

HAIR: 6 months post-chemo! Short, dark, but getting some body to it.

Nutrition: Get sushi for dinner. Yes, that is my goal.
Exercise: Cardio
Mental: Get to bed before 9:30pm.

Nutrition: Yum
Exercise: I did not do cardio. I took the day off from working out instead because things were hectic.
Mental: Did not succeed. I am really hoping to get some sleep this weekend. I mean, I get 7 hours per night. Let’s not feel bad for me. But I have always needed a lot of sleep so 8 hours is a much better goal. That is going to be goal tomorrow night as well.

Signature 7-18

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