Day 29 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

Hair is getting wild!!!

As of right now, fingers crossed, I can’t tell that anything is wrong with me besides some back stiffness and, of course, my sweet hairdo. It would be so amazing if that’s how things stayed forever….so I’m gonna go ahead and work on that. It IS so amazing to be able to do whatever I want (within reason and of course, no twisting!) considering what rough shape I was in one year ago today. So very grateful. Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. They are helping so please keep them coming!!!

HAIR: 6 months post-chemo! Short, dark, but getting some body to it.

Nutrition: Eat lunch. As I’m writing this, my very cold, half eaten lunch is sitting next to me. I have already heated it up five times…
Exercise: Today is a strength day as well as PT.
Mental: Try to not let others affect me so easily. This is gonna be tough because it goes against my nature, but I’m going to use all my tools to try to do this today.

Nutrition: I heated up my food up for a sixth time and finally finished lunch…at 4pm….
Exercise: Had a great gym workout: 15 minute cardio warm-up, full body workout, and 10 minute cardio cool down.
Mental: Well…..I’m still working on this.

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