Day 22 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

(Written earlier today)

My son is currently jumping off the top railing of his crib and my baby girl figured out how to almost pull up to stand in her crib that has not been converted for standing babies yet. Other than that, pretty good little Tuesday.

HAIR: 5.5 months post-chemo, short and dark, but getting longer and wilder

Nutrition: Water. Water. Water.
Exercise: Upper and lower body workout.
Mental: Get some more “me” time and get some phone calls/appointments set up (I have been putting this off and it is weighing on me).

Nutrition: Pretty darn good. Though I still think I should have more somehow. I think I need to start actually measuring to see where I am coming in on this goal.
Exercise: Crushed it. My sister-in-law helped motivate me to get going early so I started my day with a full-body workout at the gym followed by 35 min on the elliptical so I could watch part of a movie. My favorite are 1990s thrillers (action or mystery) in case you are wondering.
Mental: My kids napped/stayed in their rooms for three hours so I got all sorts of downtime and computer work done! (happy dance) AND I put a dent in those phone calls.

Signature 7-18

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