Day 15 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

5.5 months post-chemo, short and dark

Nutrition: Water and most nutritious choice at every meal.
Exercise: Walk and upper body workout.
Mental: Keep negative self-talk to a minimum.

Nutrition: Great water drinking. Success every other meal with the most nutritious choice. So only half achieved.
Exercise: 1.5 mile walk, no strength though so again, half achieved.
Mental: Fail. A lot of negative self-talk made its way into my conscience today. I’m too tired now to come up with a solution, but will work on this. I’m open to suggestions!!

Signature 7-18

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One comment

  1. Here’s a suggestion: Stop it! Here’s another: Count your blessings! And another: Live in day-tight compartments. These are classic ways of bridling consciousness (which, I think, is what you meant to write). But conscience is apt as well. The Church advocates a process called Examination of Conscience, which involves an honest look at one’s misbehaviors. Good idea, but method is key. Put short, light emphasis on the cataloguing and longer, more intense work on ways to avoid or turn them around. Perhaps decide to implement one improvement idea per week or month, and then take smaller daily steps. And visualize yourself succeeding. And write daily affirmations of success: I will act kinder, speak less/listen more, whatever — and I’ll feel happier for it. Helps keep you positive. You already are on the right track and have created an excellent tool in this blog and your 365-day project. Great work, Caroline! You have a wonderful mind, healing body, fine family, courageous and loving character. The mystery is that you have room in all that positiveness for any negativity at all. Maybe sometimes you think too much. Here’s an idea: Stop it!


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