Day 9 of 365 Days of Health and Wellness

Day 9 (8-Aug 18) - Starbucks Selfie
Day 9, about to pick up my Starbucks!!

Day 9 of 365-DHW is a pretty fun day as far as days go. Items included a pedicure, Starbucks, cleaning, working out, and finally, meeting up with the other co-chairs of my son’s new school’s parent association. I haven’t met them yet, but I am very much looking forward to being involved with his school and planning social events. I love to set up social events and groups and networks for people to meet other like-minded people. So this should be in my wheelhouse, but always somewhat nerve-racking meeting new people. Wish me luck!

5 months post-chemo, short and dark, but growing so I might need to start figuring out how to actually style it.

Nutrition: Eat an apple at lunch and drink more water.
Exercise: Cardio at the gym.
Mental: Meet up with the co-chairs/moms tonight and possibly make a friend or two, without getting overly anxious/nervous about the outing.

Nutrition: Apple, consumed. Water in hand.
Exercise: Check.
Mental: It went great! They were all really nice. Though it was weird to have people meet me as I am now, never to know the pre-diagnosis me.

Signature 7-18

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