Glow from Within

Summer is officially here – and I don’t know about you, but my skin care and beauty routine changes drastically in these warm (and sweaty!) months 🙂  Here are a few of my summer beauty essentials, must-haves, as well as some tricks and tips to get that summer glow!


Glow from within – 

The first step to get glowing skin from within is all about exfoliation. Just a few times a week and your skin will be smooth, refreshed, and the perfect canvas for the rest of your skin care and beauty routine.

Some of my favorites are:

Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body Works

The second step is hydration. No matter what skin type you have, hydration is very important to get that youthful, plump, and healthy look. Whether it’s a serum or moisturizer (preferably both), this should be a mandatory step in your skin care regimen.

Some of my favorites are:

And after all your hard work for making your skin look its best, make sure to get a great night’s sleep… Eight hours is ideal!

Sunless/Selfless Tanners


In order to keep that glow and feel confident in all your summer clothing (or lack thereof), you may want to try some sunless/self tanners. It gets you that “I just got back from Hawaii” bronzed look, but without the sun and harmful rays.

Some of my favorites are:

BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers

Now as for make up… to get that lightweight coverage perfect for warmer months, you may want to try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.  Unlike your standard foundations, these options give you a dewy, fresh look to your skin and almost feel like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

*Added bonus – most of these creams have SPF!*

Some of my favorites are:

Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Illuminating

Bronzers and Blushes

The perfect way to add dimension and color to your face is by using a bronzer and/or blush.  You don’t have to use both! A tan or peach blush can work double as a bronzer and can give you the same effect as a day out in the sun. Skip the contouring for these warmer summer months — all you need is an all-over light bronzing with a big powder brush.

Some of my favorites are:

Pop of Color

If you want a bolder look for your make up routine, try adding a bright lip or cheek stain!  Instead of a lipstick, try a pigmented gloss or lip crayon.  They are less fuss and more appropriate for daytime. A cheek stain gives you that glow from within we love and is so easy to throw in your bag for touch ups.

Some of my favorites are:

Yves Saint Laurent - ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain – Rebel Nudes

Tarte - Cheek Stain

And last but not least here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your summer beauty:

1. Use mini Post-its to give you that perfect winged liner or cat-eye make up look.

2. Invest in a dry shampoo and use for added volume or between shampoos.

3. For long days out in the sun or heat, begin your make up routine with a primer, and end with a setting spray…. Your make up will last so much longer!

4. Make a boring topknot or bun look extra chic by adding a few simple braids.

Happy summer!  Don’t forget, your smile is ALWAYS your best accessory!


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