Author Update

Dear all, I am sorry I have not posted for quite some time. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on October 14, 2017 while pregnant with my second baby. After enduring three months of excruciating pain, they FINALLY discovered that I had cancer that had metastasized to my spine and essentially crushed my vertebrae. Turns out when you are pregnant pretty much all medical professionals won't touch you, even if you are in extreme amounts of pain. After my legs … [Read More...]


Exercise of the Week: Sumo Squats

One of my favorite exercises is Sumo Squats. It targets the same muscles as a regular squat except it puts a little extra emphasis on your inner thighs. It also requires no equipment and can be performed anywhere. What's not to … [Read More...]

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All About That Core

So you want a stronger core. Who doesn't? But what does that mean to you? In my experience, the majority of people who are trying to strengthen their cores focus solely on exercises that target their rectus abdominis muscle, commonly called the … [Read More...]

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Easy Cheese

As a pastry chef, most people assume that everything I make uses ten different tools, ingredients, and mixing methods.  While that might be true in a restaurant, that style of cooking just isn't going to fly at home.  I neither have the energy nor … [Read More...]

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Glow from Within

Summer is officially here - and I don't know about you, but my skin care and beauty routine changes drastically in these warm (and sweaty!) months :)  Here are a few of my summer beauty essentials, must-haves, as well as some tricks and tips to get … [Read More...]

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Mirror Talk

Mirrors are everywhere. Some people can't get enough of them while others try everything they can to avoid them. Regardless, it's important to accept that mirrors are there and that they are a huge part of your daily self-talk. You may not even … [Read More...]

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